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Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge



The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Starts November 1st – That woul be HAWMC. Yes, another acronym that I will learn. Thus far, I have said WOMAC more often than the correct acronym, #HAWMC. This may give you some insight into where I am coming from though. The WOMAC* is a self-administered instrument or questionnaire for patients regarding knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA). Since I have spent over 30 years as a physical therapist working with people who have such arthritis and have had this OA myself, it comes naturally to mind & off my lips. However, after a day or so HAWMC will be second nature for me, just as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), inflammatory arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, migraines, collagenous colitis, and all the other diagnoses are as well.


I spent my entire professional life with the chronic pain of OA & several other issues as well. My focus was always on my clients, my children, my family, my students, & if there was anything leftover, maybe me. I did not always take optimal care of myself first because I was too busy taking care of everyone else. You can only do that for so long. I had a plan to change gears once my youngest finished college, but life got in the way or rather, my health had other plans. A number of years ago, after feeling terrible for some time, my body had enough. That’s when the autoimmune diseases started for me. It has been a difficult road with more questions than answers much of the time.

**You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.


**The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. Plutarch



The "Not-so-Highs"
The “Not-so-Highs” during special Infusions. I think I was smiling… because I fel