I’m Late, I’m Late For a Very Important Date: Life…ChronicLife


I am Me.

Me I Am.

But who is that.

With my many illnesses worn like a hat.


I do not like that Me I Am.

Or do I? Should I?

Me I Am…

Who am I now?

Am I the same me?

With my diagnoses

And all that

Piled up on my head

Like The Cat in the Hat.


Oh, I used to have

So many different hats

to wear

All in a day’s time

With vigor and flare.


I think like I’m me

But I move like I’m not.

Just how do I function

In this world, in my spot?


I do hope that I am in

What’s called a flare.

Quite different from

The one mentioned up there!


With exercise routines

Nutrition and walks

Neverending meds


And the lots.


There is little time left in a day!


I do not like that I am late.

I do not like it here nor there.

I do not like it anywhere.


I don’t like being unreliable or tardy.

I don’t like that my type-A

Is now Zebra or Zardy.


The comments, the questions

The stares, the looks.

There is no way to know

Not from looking or books.


I am Me – Me I Am!

This is the best version of Me

You will find

On any given minute

day or time.


Make no mistake

I am quite aware –

Things they do change

And I work to keep up.

I do care.


ChronicLife is rough!

There’s more than meets the eye

However, I too am tough.


But each day

I wonder…

Is it enough?


I am Me – Me am I!

Chronic or not

This is what I’ve got.


I am Me – Me am I.

I can accept that❣

Can you?


MAWilmarth (c) 2017


Dr.Mary Ann Wilmarth



Twitter @Back2BackPT

Instagram @docmaw_co



So, the next time I am dragging myself to 1 of my many appointments, alone, or someone else is doing the same…

Please pause, take a moment, and think…That could be me, my mother, daughter, father, brother, or friend…

Think how would you want them to be treated? It’s as simple as that.

And called ‘The Golden Rule’**

My children & I, no matter what age, Do our best to follow it.

Be wise & Be sage!




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