Sunset: The sun has finally set & so must I … for today

These gorgeous
other worldly
ever-changing, enigmatic, embracing,

sometimes spiritual,

always beautiful

whether in gentleness
or powerful storms…

Skies do not disappoint
Each evening for sunset
Or morning for sunrise
Giving strength and
Courage to those who need it.

Quiet contemplation for many
A brief respite

for those with insomnia or painsomnia.
A picture of beauty and joy

to hold in your head
During those more difficult times.
And the fabulous part is-
You can find a new one each day
Morning and evening
Should you choose.

Sincere thanks sunset
And sunrise
Such pleasure for my eyes
And all senses

MAWilmarth (c) 2017


Dr.Mary Ann Wilmarth

Twitter @Back2BackPT

Instagram @docmaw_co


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